Striving to use photography to connect the humanity of people around the world and bring about a more just society.

Sarah and Patrick || Holland Engagement Photographer


Sarah and Patrick are champs. Since we’re all in school and trying to work around each others schedules we decided to do this as a SUNRISE session. It was dark when we left our houses to go to the beach! But it quickly warmed up and we had a lot of fun. I couldn’t get over how comfortable we all were with each other during this session. Let me know what you think of these pictures. I’m really excited with how they came out and how well I think they convey their adorableness.

Athina and Jake || Grand Rapids Portrait Photographer


Hands down, Athina is the most fashionable person I know. I have been dreaming of capturing her in a fashion photo shoot since the time that I met her. Finally, the starts aligned a few weeks ago and it worked out. Athina and her boyfriend Jake met me in Grand Rapids armed with their suitcases and garment bags and I with my Bronica. Shooting such gorgeous models like them gave me such confidence boost! I couldn’t read the minds of the people walking by, but I’m pretty sure they were thinking, “wow, she must be a high-profile fashion photographer!”. Even before I got the film developed, I knew this shoot had been an epic one. Now, without further adieu, I introduce to you…

Thanks for lookin!

Victoria and Dylan — Couple Portraits


No, they’re not engaged, they’re just HELLA cute. I told Victoria and Dylan that I needed practice doing couple portraits and they were super willing to let me experiment on them! I was really nervous at first but then I impressed myself. I love how I’ve been doing that lately. Here are some of the best shots of the day.

I will definitely be looking forward to doing more couple shoots when I get back from Germany. Or maybe I’ll meet some couples here. How cool would it be if I got to do some couple photography on outreach in like India, China or Ethiopia? That would be SUCH a cool experience!