As it often happens when one works a full-time job (which is not photography) photos get swept to the side and put on other hard-drives and forgotten about. This weekend the weather reached freezing though and I was reminded that I have a list of things to do. It was good timing though- just as I’m mourning the loss of good weather, I opened up my computer to see these images which remind me that come March or April we’ll be back outdoors wearing tank-tops again.

The first seven photos here were taken on the Jordan Trail which is a hiking trip that stretches over 600km from the north of Jordan to the very south. Some friends and I volunteered painting trail markings for it and later got to go to Aqaba to see the first people finish the entire hike which took them around 32 days.

The later photos are from one of our climbing spots near Irbid, in the north of Jordan. As you can see, rocks were climbed and pancakes were eaten.

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