As I’ve mentioned before, I’m doing an internship with World Relief this summer! I can’t even describe how much I’ve loved my experience working with them. Everyday I learn so much and I get to meet so many cool people! This past Wednesday was World Refugee Day so on Saturday World Relief celebrated with a picnic that everyone was invited to!

For the before-eating announcements some kids and teenagers were chosen to act as translators. I thought it was a really small thing that went a long way to celebrate them for both of their cultures that they have and are growing up in.

Food from every ethnic group represented! It was great to get to try so many things. Some local restaurants donated food as well, but I avoided the American stuff :] No shortage of chicken either.

The Mayor of Wheaton came to hang out for a while and got to hear the stories of some refugees.

This is Senator John Millner with some refugee girls that have been here less than two months.

After the food, several ethnic groups put on musical and dance performances.

These girls from Bhutan were amazing dancers! I want them to teach me how they swing their hips. I’m sure they would laugh if I told them this, but their dancing reminded me of a fusion between what I’ve seen of Indian and Korean dancing.

The Bhutanese girls changed their outfits and switched from a traditional dance to a more contemporary one.

Soccer has to be the most multicultural sport in existence. It was cool seeing so many ethnicities and age groups all playing together.


Thanks for looking!