If you’re friends with me on Facebook then you’ve already read the short version of this. I’ll give you a little bit of a back story. Every year I get super excited to see how many of my friends wish me a happy birthday on Facebook. I actually count them all up. And then I divide by my total number of friends to get a percentage and compare that to my best friend that has the same birthday as me, and my mom whose birthday is 8 days before me. Its just a game, but it starts to get selfish after doing it for a few years. And I started to feel bad because I was always winning (jk, my mom wins). Also, last year, after my birthday on the 18th I changed my birthday to the 20th, the 22nd and the 24th on Facebook just because it was funny to see who wished me a happy birthday again and… again. So, we can now see that I take Facebook birthdays pretty seriously!

Well, this year I decided to disable my wall postings for my birthday and ask people to donate to an organization instead. I saw someone else do something similar a few months ago and I thought, “wow, that is a great idea!”. So I thought about where I would like people to donate. I wanted it to be somewhere that wasn’t too controversial, somewhere that was definitely sustainable, and somewhere that I wholeheartedly supported. I finally chose World Relief. It makes sense that I chose them because I’m actually interning with them this summer! Their mission is to STAND/for the Vulnerable. They are very broad in their work, but they are also very successful in every one of their focuses. The office that I’ll be working in focuses on immigration and refugee resettlement. My job will be to take recent immigrants to the required doctors appointments and help them to understand the health care system in the US. This will be very challenging because most of them have extremely limited English. I’m very excited for all of the relationships that I will be able to build and all of the people that I will be able to help in a very hands-on approach.

If you go to https://worldrelief.org/donate you can make a donation ($5 is ok!) and you can even choose the specific cause that it goes to (for the devastated, for opportunity, for women, for children, for the displaced or for the vulnerable). Let me know which one you choose and it’ll make my day! Thanks guys, I love you all!


Photo from the World Relief Flickr Stream